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Without a Scalpel

The Documentary series, Without a Scalpel is a fascinating glimpse inside the dramatic journeys of regular people transformed by crisis, but saved by specialized doctors performing incredible, cutting-edge procedures deep inside the body, without a scalpel. 

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The newly released Episode 2 is available on AMAZON VIDEO and Vimeo FILMS On Demand ONly at this time but is coming soon to other On Demand Networks!  EPISODE 1 is showing on all channels shown below.


Episode 2: The Cancer Snipers is the story of two heroic patients with cancer and the specially trained doctors who treat their disease through a pinhole in the skin. Brian is a 27-year-old video game tester and martial arts instructor whose life was suddenly interrupted by both good and bad news. Lorenzo is a 62-year-old man who turned his life around after making bad choices in his youth. Forty years later, his past has caught up to him. Each patient is determined to maintain his quality of life during his remarkable journey. Without a Scalpel also provides a rare look inside the lives of these dedicated doctors who specialize in a field called Interventional Radiology.  


Episode 1: Bloodless - focuses on the stories of three women who suffer from blocked blood vessels deep inside their bodies.  On the eve of becoming a US citizen, a hard-working Mexican immigrant struggles to walk and longs to dance again. A beautiful newlywed dreams of starting a family, but her condition makes it too dangerous.  A mother's life hangs in the balance as she struggles simply to breathe. Without A Scalpel explores their stories and relationships, their triumphs and challenges, and their hopes for the future.

Our story also provides a rare look inside the lives of the doctors who dedicate their lives to this work.  Armed with x-ray vision and an array of advanced tools and fueled by an intense passion to help their patients, these doctors offer powerful alternatives to surgery. They perform critical repairs through pinholes in the body, allowing their patients to return to their lives with simply a Band-Aid®.

Without a Scalpel is produced in partnership with Evolve Media Production, an award-winning production company with studios in New York & San Francisco.

Without a Scalpel is distributed via On Demand platforms through FILMHUB, a digital distribution firm based in Santa Monica, CA.

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