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There are MIIPs for that!


When a stroke is caused by a blood clot blocking the blood flow to the brain, there’s a MIIP to remove the clot and save the brain.


Blood clots in the arteries to the lungs can cause life-threatening shortness of breath. There’s a MIIP to dissolve the blood clots quickly and safely.


There are MIIPs to safely treat a variety of diseases of the liver and gallbladder, including cancer, bleeding, gallstones, and infection.


There are MIIPs to place feeding tubes in the stomach for people who are too sick to eat and MIIPs for people seeking alternatives to weight loss surgery.


There are MIIPs to safely treat a variety of diseases of the kidney, including cancer, stones, bleeding and infection.


When the blood vessels in the legs become narrowed or blocked, patients can experience weakness and pain.  MIIPs can save the leg by opening the vessels using tiny balloons or tubes called stents.

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Watch this 5:14 min. trailer of the documentary series, Without a Scalpel.

Without a Scalpel is a fascinating glimpse inside the dramatic journeys of regular people transformed by crisis but saved by minimally invasive, image-guided procedures. This series focuses on a group of brilliant, specialized doctors performing incredible cutting-edge procedures deep inside the body, without a scalpel.

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Without a Scalpel has global reach!

posted on April 26, 2016 by theii.org

When Turkish physician Dr. Basar Sarikaya discovered the trailer for Without a Scalpel on the internet, he immediately rushed to subtitle it in his native language.  MIIPs are even less recognized in Turkey, where Dr. Sarikaya practices Interventional Radiology in the body and the brain.  “We were desperately in need of an organization like the Interventional Initiative,” he wrote. "What you are doing is really encouraging and motivational for us and reached far beyond the Atlantic, as the world is like a small village now.”  Since he posted the trailer with Turkish subtitles on Facebook, it has received over 200k views!

Dr. Sarikaya has found that the trailer for Without a Scalpel helps Turkish patients understand the value of MIIPs.  He shared this story about how he showed the trailer to a patient who had blocked veins leading to leg swelling, much like Rachel in the documentary.  It convinced her to undergo the MIIP to open up her veins:

“We recently treated [a patient] with stenting of left chronic iliac vein stenosis. A young lady who used to walk around with a swollen leg for two years, screamed with joy to her fiancee the next day of the procedure: "My leg is thinner! It is back to normal!” Actually, when I suggested the treatment, it was a tough decision for them because no other physician mentioned them about [it] and they found [me] by chance.  I showed them Without a Scalpel [with Turkish subtitles] because she was so similar to the first case there, and I told them “Look, this couple is the American versions of you, they are American you!" :) Just like the first case there, they are now planning on their wedding…"

— Dr. Basar Sarikaya
Interventional and Neurointerventional Radiologist
Istanbul, Turkey



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